Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Elena studied at the Music Conservatory of Minsk, Russia, and taught at the Okhtinski Center for Arts in St. Petersburg. An exceptional classical piano teacher, many of her Russian and American students have won local and international competitions, and have performed professionally around the world.

Elena teaches at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Music (SPCM), and maintains an extensive piano studio at home. An avid educator, Elena has organized many cultural exchange programs, creative events, and is Director of the popular SPCM All Around the Piano Festival.

Elena also specializes in Piano Teacher Education. She has taught for over 40 years and has also studied the methods of the best pianists and piano teachers to bring a wealth of knowledge to other teachers. From lectures to workshops you can tailor your time with Elena; piano and composer history, techniques, touch, articulation, problem solving, and best teaching methods.